Gudrun, “Mama Markus-Mühle”, visits us for our 15th anniversary

We have had the honor and privilege of having Gudrun, the wife of the founder of Markus- Mühle, visit our center in Spain. Joseph, her husband, created the first non-extruded, non-cold-drawn dog food more than 55 years ago, and in turn founded Markus-Mühle Natural. This family business was the pioneer in non-extruded dog food (which, as you know, is the method that best conserves dog food’s nutrients because it does not denature them). From this naturist initiative arose, over the years, many of their own brands of dog food and natural supplements, such as Luposan, LupoNatural, and Natural-Extra. Gudrun, or Mama Markus-Mühle as we call her with all our affection and respect, was very happy and proud to see our facilities, telling us that she was amazed at the cleanliness, service, order, and care that we give to her products. “Truly out of the ordinary,” she said.

Conrado Grandville (center) director of Luposan Iberia, with Gudrun (right), and a married couple who are Gudrun’s friends (left).

We are grateful to Markus-Mühle for being their official representative in Spain, and the recognition that we give our all to the brand: prestige, seriousness, level, transparency, and the processing quality that the products deserve. As we say ourselves, service consistent with the nature of the products. That is why we are proud of Mama Markus-Mühle’s confirmation of this, because it reflects the fact that our philosophy is put into practice; go beyond what is required or asked for (the second mile of the Gospel of Matthew, 5:41).
For us, giving it the best that we have in terms of customer guidance, personalized service, transportation, packaging, quality, and protection is the basis of our job, ahead of profits. We have proven, over the years, that if we are our best, profits come as a result. That is why our philosophy does not allow us to think for even a second about cutting corners when it comes to the quality, handling, or good maintenance of our products. Especially because our products are very sensitive, non-extruded, have a short shelf life as they contain no preservatives, and require special treatment and care.

Gudrun Mühle loved seeing that our center and warehouse are so neat

This level of treatment means that we are able to maintain its freshness and guarantee that the expiration date of the product that you see when you purchase it is accurate.

You, our clients, our people who are aware of the importance of treating natural products very careful.  Above all, you want the best service. We believe that you are people who think like us! That is why our assessment and all the care taken in terms of the treatment and the transportation of our products exist, to ensure that our products are in the best state possible. Like you, we want the best for our doggie friends!

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